HA Fund

Private equity



Fund based in Gibraltar

Equity raise

€ 2 000 000

Targeted IRR


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Project overview

Active 24/7 One of the advantages of the cryptocurrency market is that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike traditional financial markets, this provides more opportunities.

Driven by numbers :Trading on a free and open market involves emotions. Whereas an analyst needs to manage this by himself, a trading bot's decision-making is solely driven by numbers.

Benefit from volatility The algorithmic trading bots benefit from the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. This way the bots generate returns during all market conditions. On average, our bots make well over 1.5 million trades per day

– Strategy: High frequency DCA and Grid trading
– Asset class: Cryptocurrencies
– 100% algorithmic trading bots
– Secure storage of crypto-currencies in the Ledger vault
– Monthly updates on trends, developments and news